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ESXi: Use partedUtil – deletion of disk device partitions

VMware LogoHow to use ESXi partedUtil deletion of disk device partitions? If you came along the ESXi issue, unable of adding datastore (check fig.1 error), most likely your device disk is not entirely clean when it comes to partitions. In order to overcome this the easiest way is to use partedUtil, which is standard ESXi utility.



 Partition Types

You may find useful the following table as it describes the partition types received from the parted Util get command:

PartitionGUIDType (Hex)Type (Decimal)
VMFS DatastoreAA31E02A400F11DB9590000C2911D1B80xFB251
VMKCore Diagnostic9D27538040AD11DBBF97000C2911D1B80xFC252
VMware Reserved9198EFFC31C011DB8F78000C2911D1B8
Basic DataEBD0A0A2B9E5443387C068B6B72699C70x83131
Linux Swap0657FD6DA4AB43C484E50933C84B4F4F0x82130
Linux LVME6D6D379F50744C2A23C238F2A3DF9280x8E142
Linux RAIDA19D880F05FC4D3BA006743F0F84911E0xFD253
EFi SystemC12A7328F81F11D2BA4B00A0C93EC93B0xEF239
Microsoft ReservedE3C9E3160B5C4DB8817DF92DF00215AE
Unused Entry00000000000000000000000000000000
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